The Restore Very Best command as seen in the Foldit GUI recipe editor.

Restore Very Best is a command used in GUI recipes in Foldit.

Foldit continuously tracks the best-scoring solution. Each time the top score increases, Foldit automatically saves the current pose.

Restore Very Best resets the puzzle the best-scoring pose. The current pose is lost unless it was saved using the Quicksave command.

Restore Very Best does not use any ingredients.

The solutions that Foldit saves automatically can be seen in the Open/Share Solutions dialog if "show auto and quicksaves" is checked. The best-scoring valid pose is referred to as "Credit Best". There is also a "Very Best" pose, which may have a higher score, but unresolved problems such as open cutpoints, which make the score invalid. There's also a "Recent Best" pose, which is partly under recipe control.

The Restore Very Best command is similar to restoring the best score manually in the original or selection interfaces. The equivalent Lua command is creditbest.Restore.

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