The 21 commands available in GUI recipe.

The commands found in GUI recipes are listed below, along with the equivalent Lua functions.

Each GUI command can have up to three Lua equivalents. The "single" equivalent works on a single segment, and the "all" equivalent works on all segments. For the band functions, there are likewise "single" and "all" versions.

The "selected" equivalent works on selected segments. The Lua functions selection.Select and selection.SelectRange select segments. A recipe also inheirits selections the user has made in the selection interface.

There's no "selected" option for bands in Lua V2.

The "single" classification is used when there's only one function. For example, Add bands can add bands between many pairs of segments. Similarly, Reset Puzzle affects everything at once, not just a single segment or band.

GUI command Lua single Lua all Lua selected
Shake Sidechains structure.ShakeSidechainsAll structure.ShakeSidechainsSelected
Wiggle structure.WiggleAll structure.WiggleSelected
Local Wiggle Sequence structure.LocalWiggleAll structure.LocalWiggleSelected
Freeze freeze.Freeze freeze.FreezeAll freeze.FreezeSelected
Unfreeze freeze.Unfreeze freeze.UnfreezeAll
Set structure structure.SetSecondaryStructure structure.SetSecondaryStructureSelected
Set amino acid structure.SetAminoAcid structure.SetAminoAcidSelected
Mutate structure.MutateSidechainsAll structure.MutateSidechainsSelected
Add bands band.AddBetweenSegments
Disable Band
Enable Band band.Enable band.EnableAll
Delete Band band.Delete band.DeleteAll
Change Band Strength band.SetStrength
Clashing Importance behavior.SetClashImportance
Reset Puzzle puzzle.StartOver
Restore Very Best creditbest.Restore
Set Recent Best recentbest.Save
Restore Recent Best recentbest.Restore
Quicksave save.Quicksave
Quickload save.Quickload
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