The Comment command as seen in the Foldit GUI recipe editor.

Comment is a command used in GUI recipes in Foldit.

Comment is used to add explanatory text to a GUI recipe. While Comment is treated like a command, it doesn't actually do anything.

Comment takes one ingredient: the comment. The comment is entered in a text box.

Lua recipes also have comments. Lua treats anything following "--" as a comment. A "--" at the beginning of a line make the entire line a comment. The tokens "--[[" and "]]--" can be used to create comments spanning multiple lines. (The token "--]]" can also be used at the end of a multiple line comment.)

Here's an example of Lua comments:

--  here are some comments
    segCnt = structure.GetCount () -- this is a comment
    print ( "segment count = " .. segCnt ) -- this is a comment, too


   This is a multiple line comment. 

   It be be as long as desired.



   This is another multiple line comment. 

   This one uses the alternate closing token.


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