Foldit design paper figure 4

Figure 4 from the Foldit protein design paper, demonstrating how player designs fold up correctly on their own when grown in the lab.

The Foldit protein design paper, formally known as De novo protein design by citizen scientists, was published in Nature 5 June 2019.

The paper was summarized in a Foldit blog post. Among other things, the paper presented four player-designed proteins that have become the first solved Foldit designs.

Five Foldit players are listed as named authors, using their real names. The named authors also appear in the PDB entries for each of the proteins.

The Supplementary information section of the paper, freely downloadable, also has long list of players, using real names, and comments and other references using Foldit screen names.

The supplementary information section also contains a table summarizing the results of evaluating many design puzzles. Entries in the table use the Foldit "node" number of the puzzle. For example, "2003265_s008" translates to node 2003265, soloist rank 8. Node 2003265 becomes, which is Puzzle 1322. One of Susume's solutions to Puzzle 1322 became Foldit3, the third "solved" Foldit player design. (The side shows Susume actually had the 9th best solo on 1322.)

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