Foldit has some persistent bugs that affect game play. This list highlights some of the more serious bugs, and includes references to Foldit cases (feedback) where available.

Server outages disconnect clientsEdit

The Foldit servers were moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in November, 2016. This has eliminated the weather in Seattle as a source of problems. Previously, the Foldit servers were often unreachable when weather affected the network on the University of Washington's Seattle campus.

Starting Foldit, downloading a puzzle, and upload a solution have generally been quicker since the switch to AWS.

Periodic server problems still occur, which in some cases result in the server being restarted.

Any loss of communication can cause Foldit clients to become permanently disconnected. From the user's perspective, the client still appears to be connected, but normal periodic uploads of results are not happening. This type of disconnection may prevent a player's best solution from being recognized when a puzzle expires.

As the end of a puzzle approaches, it's always a good idea to check the Foldit web site to make sure your best scores are there. Manually saving and sharing a solution may help clear up lingering communications problems of this type. Stopping and re-starting Foldit is also a good idea, especially after a long-running recipe.

Client hangs after a server outageEdit

Foldit clients continue running during a Foldit server outage. During the outage, some clients may appear to be connected, while others appear to be disconnected. Many clients will stop responding (hang) when they attempt to contact the server, even if this happens after the server is online again.

Scoreboards slow or remain blankEdit

The in-game scoreboards can be slow to update, even after the AWS move. In other cases, the scoreboards stop updating, and may show the ranks and scores as of several days ago. Similarly, the scoreboards for new puzzles may remain blank indefinitely. All these issues appear to be related to problems with Foldit server, which require the attention of the Foldit team. (In other words, it's not Amazon's problem.)

Again, it's best to check the puzzle web page before a puzzle expires, to make sure that what you're seeing in the client is accurate.

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