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spinvent's "protein snowflake" design from Puzzle 1174


Welcome to the Foldit Wiki!

This wiki supports the online protein-folding game Foldit. Most of the content has been contributed by Foldit players, with the occasional help from the Foldit science team. Players are welcome to contribute game documentation, strategies, articles on basic game concepts, pictures, video, and anything else that might be of interest.

The Foldit wiki has categories that cover different aspects of the game.

Category: Puzzle Results accounts for much of the content on the wiki. There's a page for each puzzle. Players can submit images of their best and most interesting puzzle results using the camera button in chat. Wiki volunteers upload these images to the wiki and add them to the puzzle page. Most of the recent puzzle pages consist of just a link to the puzzle on the site and a gallery of these iamges.

Category: Tools attempts to describe all the tools and controls players can use in Foldit.

Category: Glossary covers the science terms and Foldit jargon that players see.

Category: Strategy has strategies for tackling various types of Foldit puzzles.

Category: Recipes and Category: Script tutorial describe Foldit recipes, also known as script or macros. Recipes automate various aspects of Foldit, and let players keep playing even while they're doing something else.

Some of the other categories include:

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