The Foldit Lua Interface is a set of functions which allow recipes (scripts) written in Lua to manipulate proteins in Foldit.

There are two versions of the Foldit Lua interface, known as V1 and V2. The basic Lua language is the same in both versions, but V2 includes several Lua standard libraries that weren't available in V1.

Version 2 (V2) of the Foldit Lua interface also includes more Foldit functions. Unlike V1, the functions in V2 are grouped into namespaces. For example, all banding-related functions are now in the "band" namespace. In V1, each function stood on its own.

See Foldit Lua Functions for a complete list of the V2 functions.

The original version of the interface, now known as version 1 (V1), had a more limited set of functions with names like "do_global_wiggle". V1 is now obsolete, but Foldit continues to support recipes written using the V1 functions. See Foldit Lua Functions (v1) for a complete list of functions. All the V1 functions have V2 equivalents.

Version 2 was added to Foldit in 2011. Foldit player Tlaloc worked on the implementation of V2. While V1 is still supported, V2 should be used for new recipes.

See Lua Scripting for more.

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