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void structure.WiggleAll(integer iterations[, backbone, sidechains])
Global wiggle all segments.
V1 Function Name
Similar to do_global_wiggle_all


The function structure.WiggleAll applies global wiggle to all segments of the protein, regardless of whether they are selected.

The function structure.WiggleSelected applies global wiggle only to selected segments.

Global wiggle is not the same as local wiggle. See global wiggle and local wiggle for more on the differences between the two types of wiggle.

Previous versions[]

In version 2 of the Foldit Lua interface, there are four different wiggle functions, two for global wiggle, and two for local wiggle.

In version 1, there were three global wiggle functions:

  • do_global_wiggle_all
  • do_global_wiggle_backbone
  • do_global_wiggle_sidechains

In version 1, there was one local wiggle function:

  • do_local_wiggle

The approximate equivalences are:

For structure.WiggleAll, the "backbone" and "sidechains" parameters eliminate the need for the three separate "do_global_wiggle" functions found in version 1.

See feedback Local/Global Wiggle Selected/All for more.


Global wiggle of entire backbone and all sidechains for 2 iterations:

structure.WiggleAll ( 2 )

Global wiggle of entire backbone only for 2 iterations:

structure.WiggleAll ( 2, true, false )

Global wiggle all sidechains only for 2 iterations:

structure.WiggleAll ( 2, false, true )