void structure.RebuildSelected(integer iterations)
Run rebuild on selection.
V1 Function Name

structure.RebuildSelected applies the rebuild tool to the currently selected segments of the protein.

Unlike the logically similar structure.RemixSelected, structure.RebuildSelected does not store its results in quicksave slots. Recipes adopt different strategies for working with specific rebuild positions. One strategy involves invoking structure.RebuildSelected with iterations = 1, which has the effect of returning a single rebuild position. Rebuild positions are believed to be selected at random each time the function is called.

See Tvdl enhanced DRW 3.0.2 for a complex example of using rebuild in a recipe.

Some design puzzles do not allow rebuilds. For these puzzles, structure.RebuildSelected does not produce an error, but it does complete very quickly with no change to the protein.

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