void help(function Func)
Prints the signature and description of Func, or signature of all Foldit functions if no argument is given.
V1 Function Name

The function help returns help information for a specified Lua function. If no function is specified, help returns help for all functions in the Foldit Lua interface.

The help function is used to generate the Foldit Lua Functions page, and is also the basis of detail pages like this one. See Foldit Lua Functions List Generation for an overview of the process.

The code:

help ( band.Add )

returns the details for band.Add, including the function's signature and brief usage notes:

integer band.Add(integer segmentOrigin, integer segmentXAxis, integer segmentYAxis, number rho, number theta, number phi, [integer atomIndexOrigin], [integer atomIndexXAxis], [integer atomIndexYAxis])
Add a band to empty space. Returns band number.

The code:

help ()

produces a complete list of the functions available, listing the signature of each function:

void print([arg1,...,argN])
boolean absolutebest.AreConditionsMet()
number absolutebest.GetEnergyScore()
number absolutebest.GetExplorationMultiplier()
...and so on...
integer user.GetGroupID()
string user.GetGroupName()
integer user.GetPlayerID()
string user.GetPlayerName()
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