behavior.SetShakeAccuracy Edit

void behavior.SetShakeAccuracy(integer accuracy)
Set the shake accuracy. (Range 0 to 4)
V1 Function Name
Unimplemented V2 function

behavior.SetShakeAccuracy is a function stub. It produces the message "Accuracies Not Implemented." in the scriptlog, when accuracy is in the range 0 to 4, and produces an error otherwise.

Adjusting wiggle and shake accuracy in Foldit has been deprecated, and replaced by adjustable wiggle power.

Stub functions in the Foldit Lua interface support any recipes which query or set wiggle or shake accuracy. These stub functions have no effect on the game.

The following Lua code demonstrates the wiggle and shake accuracy stub functions:

print (  "wiggle accuracy = " .. behavior.GetWiggleAccuracy() )

print ( "setting wiggle accuracy to 4" )
behavior.SetWiggleAccuracy ( 4 )

print ( "shake accuracy = " ..  behavior.GetShakeAccuracy() )

print ( "setting shake accuracy to 4" )
behavior.SetShakeAccuracy ( 4 )

This code produces the following scriptlog output:

wiggle accuracy = 3
setting wiggle accuracy to 4
Accuracies Not Implemented.
shake accuracy = 2
setting shake accuracy to 4
Accuracies Not Implemented.
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