...Exploiting multiple trajectory folding methods...


This wiki article will explain why following the same trajectory may not always land you in the optimal solution.

Issue: When adjusting a protein (moving a section from one area to another), sometimes the section is blocked by one or more sections.

Solutions: When rebuilding a structure it can be moved through another part of the protein that is frozen. this is done by first freezing the entier protien then unfreezing the structure and the adjacent loops that you are moving. Place bands to pull the unfrozen rebuilt structure through to where you want it to be. and then rebuild the unfrozen part. your structure should pass though to where your bands pull it. but it well not go any further then you can stretch the adjacent loops. but be careful you can get stuck in the middle of some other part of your protein. this leads to terrible conflicts and clashes. so be sure there is enough room to land where you want to move and that your loops well be long enough..

One way to flatten a sheet is to place bands at both end and pull it flat. this works better sometimes if you place the bands and then rebuild. When trying to flatten a sheet, the sheet has to have room to move. If the adjacent sheets are to close a clash well develop and the tweek will stop.

Folding is a feel the force thing. Be sure to follow those feelings as to what to run or do next. If it feels good for you, it is. Often it is your intuition that is the best guide. Listen to your little voice, Feel the force. Just do it.

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