How to recover information:

Linux[edit | edit source]


Mac[edit | edit source]

If you are running a Time Machine and have allowed an update that is crashing or has deleted your files, just go into your Time Machine and recover your program from an earlier date. Click on Time Machine - Enter Time Machine - go to a prior date - go to Applications - click on Foldit - choose restore.

If you are not running Time machine, then the best way to recover files for the Mac is to always have a duplicate copy of the foldit program before allowing an update. Simply kill the update - go to Applications - Foldit - Duplicate. Then reopen client and allow the update. If there is an issue, simply Trash the current program and use the earlier copy.

One of your most valuable foldit files is your "all.macro" file (which is all the recipes in your Cookbook). Applications - Foldit - Show Package Contents - Contents - Resources - all.macro. Not only is this file good to back up as often as possible, it is the one file you will want to port from your normal folding computer if you are going to use a different computer.

Windows[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

An update to the dev preview left some people with an error:
"Your database appears to be corrupted.
Please try reinstalling the application."
DO NOT REINSTALL. Switching from the beta (now devprev) update group back to main should resolve this problem without having to reinstall.

For the people that did reinstall... you may have noticed all your solutions, tracks and recipes appear to be gone.
Don't throw your computer out the window [pun intended] just yet. there may still be hope!

---Step 1: Find your old files....[edit | edit source]

If you originally installed after 8/23/2011:[edit | edit source]
  • 32-bit Windows, your files are in: C:\Program Files\Foldit\
  • 64-bit Windows, your files are in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Foldit\
  • Sometimes the installer places your files in C:\Foldit\
If you originally installed before 8/23/2011:[edit | edit source]
  • Windows XP, your files are in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Foldit\
  • Windows 7 and Vista, your files are in: C:\ProgramData\Foldit\

---Step 2: Save EVERYTHING...[edit | edit source]

It's best to save both old and new to backup media before attempting any recovery.

---Step 3: Recover files...[edit | edit source]

  • Copy your files from the old install directory to the new directory
  • In options.txt, switch from beta (now devprev) to main in your options.txt (so you don't upgrade back to the bad version)

---Step 4: Save again...[edit | edit source]

Save everything at this point to a separate place from Step 2 (i.e. don't overwrite the previous backup)

---Step 5: Reinstall...[edit | edit source]

Reinstalling should bring everything back.

Alternate solution 1[edit | edit source]

Copy "Foldit/puzzles" folder, "Foldit/*.ir_solution"
files, and "Foldit/all.macro" only

Brings back solutions, tracks and recipes and possibly older expired puzzles.

Alternate Solution 2[edit | edit source]

Tell the installer to just put back into your old install directory.

Note: Above is taken from Judecca's solution at

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