Foldit Wiki

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog lets users define custom hotkeys.

The Configure Keyboard Shortcuts dialog in Foldit lets users change the default settings of their keyboard shortcuts, also known as hotkeys.

The Configure Keyboard Shortcuts option is accessed from General Options.

The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog shows a description of the shortcut, such as "save and exit the game", a category, such as "general", and the current hotkey such as "Ctrl+X".

Clicking on a hotkey assigment lets users change or reset the hotkey.

Each hotkey assignment is a button. Clicking on the button displays a dialog. Users can press key combinations to change the hotkey setting. They can also reset the hotkey to its default, or clear the hotkey entirely. The hotkey button being assigned changes to say "BINDING..." while this sub-dialog is open.

The hotkey choices available are somewhat complex. The options are described below in terms of a standard Windows US English keyboard. The choices may be different in other locales or on other platforms.

Hotkeys can consist of alphabetic or numeric keys, optionally modified by the shift, control (ctrl), and alt keys. All three modifiers can be used together if desired, a "chord".

Alphabetic (a through z) and numeric (0 through 9) keys are available for use as hotkeys.

Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up (PgUp), Page Down (PgDn), Backspace, and even Enter and Escape are available. (Caution is recommended for Enter and Escape.)

The shift, control (ctrl), and alt keys can be used in combination with another available key. These modifier keys can be used in combination with each other, but not on their own. The modifier key or keys must be pressed first.

The numeric keys can modified by shift, control, and alt. For example "Shift-1", "Ctrl-1", or "Alt-1" appear in the dialog.

Punctuation-only keys are not available. For example, in a standard US keyboard, the semicolon/colon key is not available for hotkey assignment. The quote/double quote key is likewise not available.

The function keys (typically F1 through F12) are also not available. Other legacy keys, such as Print Screen (PrtSc), Scroll Lock (ScrLk), and Pause are not available as hotkeys.

The hotkey 'W' is already assigned to the Wiggle tool.

If the selected hotkey is already assigned to another action, a confirmation dialog appears which the user clicks "Confirm".

Closing the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog saves any changed hotkey assignments. There are no separate "OK" or "Cancel" options on the dialog. If necessary, the "default all" button on the upper right can reset all hotkey assignments to default values.

Hotkey settings are stored in the configuration file hotkeys.txt. Foldit reads the settings from this file at startup, and then overwrites the file at normal shutdown.

Manual changes to the file made while Foldit is running are ignored, then overwritten if the game shuts down normally. The Keyboard Shortcuts dialog is strongly preferred over manual edits as the way to update hotkeys.txt.