Conditions not met

Solution with multiple conditions not met.

Puzzles may have one or conditions that make a player's score invalid, putting a red line through the score. Conditions are related to filters, and both are shown in the Objectives area of the Foldit app.

A condition must be "met" or "satisfied", or the player's score won't won't count for global points when the puzzle ends. The player's ranking for the puzzle and the global points awarded will instead reflect a different, usually lower, score.

The most common conditions are:

  • condition checking is disabled, "Conditions Up to Date: NOT MET"
  • one or more open cutpoints, "Cutpoint: NOT MET"
  • an evolver solution has not met a minimum gain "Evolver: NOT MET"

When conditions are not met, the score at the top of the screen is crossed out, and the score won't appear on the scoreboards. The "Objectives" line appears in red, and the unsatisfied conditions are listed in red when the Objectives dropdown is expanded.

Filters are sometimes also called "conditions", but there are a few differences.

While both filters and conditions appear in the Objectives area, conditions mostly appear when they're not satisfied. (There is an "Evolver: Complete" condition listed for a successfully evo'd solution, however.)

Any filters defined for a particular puzzle are always available under Objectives.

An unmet condition means the current score is invalid. Unsatisfied filters deduct points, but they don't make the score invalid.

Another important difference is that filters may be disabled temporarily. This is a performance option, and it's important for both hand-folding and running recipes. Turning off filters saves valuable computer time, but results in a red "Conditions Up to Date: NOT MET" message and a red line through the score.

Conditions can't be disabled, although players may ignore them at least temporarily.

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