As there are many places on the game where short information is exchanged (on chats, comments, sharings, notes on puzzle residues, comments in scripts ...), a kind of Foldit common language emerged with the time.

This is evolutive and might be specific to each community or group: new "Foldit words" are created or changed every Foldit days.

Many of these "words" are actually acronyms comming from the Foldit jargon.

Ethymology (the linguistic History of Foldit language)[edit | edit source]

Since Old Times, a Foldit jargon emerged. All of you know that in Foldit, a script is named a Recipe, a programmer is named a Cooker etc.

With the time, agronyms of this jargon appeared !

  • For example, GAB has no secret for you: Generic algorythm for banding

As it was not enough, acronyms of combinatioons of these acronyms appeared !

  • For example "Gab Filter Cuts" where the G doens't mean "generic" any more, but "Gab" !!

Some basic acronyms[edit | edit source]

hf= hand fold



ws=wiggle sidechains


Recipe naming[edit | edit source]

Cookers are very creative in naming their recipes. However, some recipe elements of names were progressively included in the Foldit common language. For example, the old recipe "Fuse" is now used as a function within many modern recipes, and it's common to see it's verb in the log of the recipes, like" fusing".

Recipe acronyms[edit | edit source]

Here are some common recipe acronyms, as used in (at least Go Science) group sharing.

The version of the recipe can be added shortly, like at234= Acid tweaker 2.3.4

at = acid tweaker
baca= banded all contacts adaptative
bf=blue fuze
bt= band and twist
bw= bridge wiggle
bwpi= banded worm pairs infinite
bwpif= banded worm pairs infinite filters
cc= contact cement
cgaba= contact gaba
cw= cut and wiggle
cwr= cut and wiggle random
di= deep idealize
dm= design models
drw = drw (deep rebuild worst)
eb= ebola (the new one)
edrw= tvdl_enhanced DRW
edrwa = tvdl_enhanced DRWa (the "a" means that it is the Go Science version)
er= ebola rebuild
ev= evaluator
fr= fracture
fsf= find starting filter
fsp= Find Starting points
fuc= fuze using cuts
gab = rav_npl GAB
gbf = gab bis (band in space)
gfc = gab filter cut
gmf= gary minima finder
grw= gary rebuild worst
H= High = at high wiggle power (in the title, it measn that we ever still went to high wiggle power)
hbnm= hydrogen bond network mutate
hf= hand fold
hp= hydro puller
hr= helix rebuild
hrc= helix rebuild cuts
ht= helix twister
htc= helix twister cuts
jet = jet (joint evolver team)
jo = jolter
krs= kuwaga repeat settle
L = Low (at low wiggle power)
llws= lucky lws
lr= loop rebuild
lwp= low wiggle power (in the title, it means that did everything at low wiggle power)
lws= local wiggle strategy (familly of recipes)
M = mwp = med = at medium wiggle power
m= mutate (hand fold)
maaa= maaa (mutate autorized aminoacid)
mc= mutate combo
mi= microidealize
mnw= mutate no wiggle
mt= mutate and tug
nblh = nbl_hinge
qf= quickfix
qr= quaking rebuild
QR = QuakeR
qrmx= quaking remix
qrri=quaking rebuild random idealize
rbf= repeat blue fuse
rf = red fuse
ri = random idealize
s= shake
sdmwf= sd_multiwalk forever
sn=snake=the snake
tlws= total lws
trmx= tvdl_DremixC
vc= tvdl_void crusher
w= wiggle
wo = worm

Other suffixes or options[edit | edit source]

bpc = (including) blueprint constraints
bpf = blueprint free (contraints removed)
recipe+ recipe - bpc + recipe : "-bpc" = removed blueprint constraints

Combined recipes[edit | edit source]

bw&edrw = banding with bridge wiggle then running edrw

Explaining which options of a recipe was last run[edit | edit source]

Many modern recipes have options. In order to let friends know which options was run for a specific recipe, player's tend to use shortcuts in order to specify this. 

For example, Fracture (acronym fr) has 3 options of 3 possibilities. A way to synthetize this is as follows:

Early 1 = 11, Early 2 = 12 Early 3 = 13
Mid 1 = 21, Mid 2 = 22, Mid 3 = 23
End 1 = 21, End 2 = 32, End 3 = 33

When sharing after using Fracture on option Early 1, suboption 2, some players use the following convention:


For some looping recipes, the term in () might be the number of loops, like at(3).

Common langage for sharing[edit | edit source]

This convention is freely used in the group Go Science

Open/Share Solutions window.

Tips:[edit | edit source]

-you can copy from one description to the other (ctrl-c, ctrl-v)

-several information are already there: round of score, puzzle number, player's name...

-the place is limited, try to add only relevant information

-each group has it's own "language" for sharing, but most of them do almost the same. This may evolve with time, players and inspiration: you are free to follow this suggested rules or not !

The title[edit | edit source]

(*= recommended)

-Server model number (nothing if not relevant)

-First soloist (designer) short name (initials)

-First soloist version number (0 if not known)

-any separator like @ ) # / for the readability

-puzzle score, with decimals* (decimals help evolvers to know the cost to get evolved: 1-2 pts)

-wiggle power phase*: Low, Medium, High, Auto (the highest wiggle power ever used on this solution)

-latest wiggle power used. Here we might use initials: Low, Medium, High, Auto = L, M, H, A)

-F + Filter score* (good filter score have long term best potential)

-"solo" or "evo" (solo for your own solo, evo including if you evolve an evolution of your initial solo)

-any other free information

-"(="+indicative score in high or middle power + ")"

Examples for a first share by Pauldunn. If pauldunn shares his 3th test on model 2 of a multistart puzzle that ran only on Low wiggle power:

2PD3) 8978.897 Low solo (= 9610 H)

or short:

2) 8978.897 Low = 9610

or at least:

2) 8978 Low


8978 Low (structure 2)

(in case of urgency: simple share of the "best credited soloist solution 10" etc. is of course also good)

Example for an evo of this solution:

2PD3) 9620.889 High evo

or short:

2PD3) 9620 evo

or at least:

2) 9620 evo

The description[edit | edit source]

The description contains the full range of recipes, number of loops and big point achieved. If there is no place, Recipe acronyms can be used (after copy-passing the full range elsewhere, like in the forum or in the notes - this is done automatically for many group recipes - if one find it useful for later evaluation).

Example long:

struct2+Hand=7909+V2_Find Starting Point Low x30=9200/ Medium/ Blue Fuse= 9580+Acid Tweeker 2.4.5=9585


2 H+fsp L+bf M+AT and any other useful indication


8978 share+ Medium + bf + Low + AT

Very short:

2PD3 8978+ bf M + AT L

Note that whriting the score of the share we are evolving is usefull to identify the previous steps (and recipes used)

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