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Wiggle! Running the wiggle tool fixes most of the problems with this puzzle. You can also use the shake tool to make the score go even higher.

This puzzle starts as a mess. There are large voids, and several hydrophobics have nasty-looking yellow blobs that mean they are exposed to the water surrounding the protein.

Madde's "Wiggle!" video

Loci's "Wiggle!" video

The new wiggle tool fixes many of these problems. Just click on wiggle, let it run for a bit, then click on stop. This should solve the puzzle, no dragging required.

You can also use the shake tool to score even more points. Try using wiggle, shake, then wiggle again.

Technical stuff: wiggle is what the scientists may call a "minimizer". Behind the scenes, wiggle is doing calculations, trying to minimize the "free energy" in the protein. Free energy is bad because it tends to push the protein apart. As free energy goes down, your score goes up.