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Lonely sheets. Draw bands between the two sheets, then wiggle to pull them together. Shake for extra points.

This puzzle has two small sheets a long way apart. The two sheets should be bonded together, but just wiggling won't get them there.

Madde's "Lonely Sheets" video

Loci's "Lonely Sheets" video

You can draw bands, and then wiggle. The bands pull things together when you wiggle.

To draw a band, hold shift and then click on the end of one sheet, and drag to the end of the other sheet. This draws a band between the two sheets. Make two bands between the top and bottom ends of the two sheets.

If you just shift-click on a segment without dragging, you freeze the segment. Freezing is useful later on, but for now, either shift-click again or use to the keyboard shortcut "f" to unfreeze.

While drawing a band, if you let go before you get to the other sheet, you create a "spaceband". Spacebands are often useful, but not here. Either click on the band to delete it, or use the "Remove bands" button (keyboard shortcut "r"), which deletes all bands.

Shake and wiggle to finish the puzzle. Try deleting the bands and shaking and wiggling again for even more points.

Technical stuff: bands between two segments have a length that's measured in Angstroms. You can right-click (or ctrl-click for Mac) on a band and select "Change band length" to change the length of a band. Each band between segments has a current length, and a "goal" length, which is what change band length changes. The little cones on the band show the goal length, which is how long the band wants to be.