What is CASP ?Edit

The Critical Assessment of protein Structure Prediction (CASP) is a contest held every two years to assess the state of folding. In this contest teams are divided into two groups, those with human intervention, and those that are completely automated. FoldIt entries will be entered as the "human" type. These puzzles are completely blind, in that the structure of the proteins in question have never been published. Labs from around the world will each try to find the best solution for each puzzle.

How does this affect us ?Edit

The puzzles will be pretty much the same as they are now, there may be some constraints, there may be some alignments to start with. Some of the puzzles may be a bit more complex than those we normally deal with, but most will be on par with those we are currently doing. Baker Lab will choose the best solutions for each puzzle and submit them, where they will be placed on a server with other groups solutions. After CASP these puzzles will be compared to each other, and to the actual structure of the protein. Announcements of the results will appear near the end of the year.


Casp9 in german Foldit wiki

Blog entry: Official CASP results and Exciting Upcoming Puzzle

Official Casp9 result

What Casp9 teaches us?Edit

See the results of puzzle 18 here T0580

The 5 models submitted by Baker lab was:

model 1: Mark, first soloist, 10 681 points.

model 2: Evolver of AD submitted by smith92clone, Krog is credited, 10 617 points

model 3: Evolver of VC submitted by Madde,Dolichwier is creditted, 10 622 points

model 4: rmhorton, 6th soloist, 10 369 points

model 5: Evolver of RDF submitted by Tamison, vertex is creditted, 10 367 points

GTD-TS is the scoring used by CASP9 to rank the solutions : the winner is model 2

Closest to the native was not always the best score

See the results of puzzle12 here T0568

Suzanne wins by almost all criteria but if the GTD-HA was chosen as criteria, cadeh_cam111 model would have won.

The distance to the native can be ranked by different criteria



See the results of puzzle 20 here T0590

Is it a protein?

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