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Black Belt Folding (BBF) Videos

On 2 November 2013 several Blackbelt folders hooked up online with UW Baker Lab and Center for Game Science staff Katfish and jflat to produce Blackbelt Folding Live from the Pacific Science Center, foldit players watched and asked questions in foldit chat, player Auntdeen coordinated the event using Google Hangouts.

Videos of each folder's session, in the order they were shown, see the official Foldit AtUW YouTube channel for the full length versions and more foldit protein folding videos.


  • Players choose to use either the original or selection interface, the tools operate slightly differently in each.
  • Tool changes since these videos were made:
    • Wiggle Behavior - now has 3 levels of precision: low-medium-auto 
    • A new tool creates perfect helixes and sheets at the click of a button
    • Backbone can be improved using Ideality.

BBF 1 - denovo[]

Folders madde, tokens and gmn showed their approaches to starting denovo Puzzle 802. madde's updated video includes a comparison with the native


Foldit - BlackBeltFolding De-Novo Puzzle802

madde denovo (no audio)


BBF 1 Denovo - Tokens

Tokens denovo


BBF 1 Denovo gmn

gmn denovo

BBF 2 - denovo - no cutpoints[]

Folders Pletsch and BletchleyPark, showed their approaches to starting denovo Puzzle 802 without using cutpoints.


BBF 2 denovo Pletsch


BBF 2 denovo BletchleyPark

BBF 3 - denovo - stabilisation[]

Folders Pletsch and BletchleyPark, continue with stabilisation of Puzzle 802.


BBF 3 denovo Pletsch


BBF 3 denovo BletchleyPark

BBF 4 - denovo []

Folders pauldunn and bertro, demonstrate their approach to Puzzle 802.


BBF 4 denovo pauldunn


BBF 4 denovo bertro

BBF 5[]