afk bbl brb cul gtg - What do all those letters mean?

There is a lot of short cut slang that people use on foldit chat.
Here are some of the meanings, and how to learn more about what they mean.

gtg bbl cul :)"
Eh? What does it means? I don't know the slang."
gtg = got to go , bbl = be back later, cul = see you later :) and afk = away from keyboard."
Ah ok! I only know asap = as soon as possible "
I think they call it "leet speak"...
Haha ya, you can enter any of these letters into the google search bar and usualy it well tell you what they mean in the google online slang dictionary."
"Yeah, I've done that myself on occasion..."
"There are 1000's of acronyms."
"Its a brave new world. Rock on! Live life to the fullest.!" ... afk :D

Overheard on global - edited to remove names and to better explain the answers.

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